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Bus Status

During inclement weather, school website traffic increases anywhere from 200% to 6000% as parents and students are looking for updates on their bus route. Make it easy for parents and students to check on their bus without putting additional pressure on administrators by using Bus Status. Updates entered into the system push out automatically to the division site, school websites, and your division's Bus Status Apps.

"If the parents are out waiting at the bus stop with the child, if they have their phone on them, it’s another way they can get notified."
— Kris Salerno, Manager of Transportation St. Albert Leader

Updating is fast and easy

Updating school bus statuses should be fast and easy. Bus Status is flexible; it will allow you to update a single bus with specific comments, or multiple busses on busy days. The updated status is immediately pushed out to any websites using Bus Status, as well as your division's Bus Status iPhone and Android Apps. At the division level you can create a daily rule instructing all statuses to reset at the same time removing the need to manually reset multiple buses after a delay or cancellation has happened.

Bus Status Apps

Parents and students know to check the school or division website in the event of inclement weather, however unpredictable delays, such as mechanical failures, can create unnecessary worry. The Bus Status Apps gives parents and students the notifications they need, allowing them to favourite their bus route and receive push notifications regarding delays. Once the apps has been activated, staff need only update the bus statuses in WebGuide to distribute the information to anyone with the Bus Status Apps.

Would you like to give it a try? Download Bus Status for iPhone or Android.