A streamlined registration and payment system for private schools.

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Register for School

Register for School is our custom built payment and registration system. The system is designed with ease of use in mind, for both administrators and end users.

Register for School is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, which means we take care of all the setup and servers. Tell your IT department to rest easy, as they won't need to setup or configure any new servers or worry about security protocols. Since Register for School is hosted, it is also conveniently accessible everywhere! Staff can securely login with their e-mail and password using just a web browser.

Administrative View

Adding New Families

Administration can easily add new families to the system. When adding a new family, the system prompts the staff to fill out sections regarding Parents/Guardians, Students, and Emergency Contacts. A login will then be generated which will give the user access to edit personal information along with the ability to pay their fees when needed.

Family Information

Family information can be edited at any time by staff to add new information or new students.

Viewing Payment Information

Payment information can be viewed and edited by administration. This information can be organized by student or by family and is colour coded to easily tell staff what step each student at in the registration process. The registration and program fees due by each family is easily viewed as well as how each family has paid and how much.

Grade Reporting

Student registration can be organized by grade so that staff are able to quickly see the students returning to what grade each year.

The Guardian View

As a user, registering a child in school and paying fees is easy and follows a six step process. Each family is given a login and parents are able to securely update their children’s information. Parents and guardians are able to edit their information, pay fees or arrange fee payments, and add/edit emergency contacts.