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WebGuide for Schools is our Content Management System (CMS) which powers all of our school and school division websites. WebGuide is so easy to use that even non-technical users require very little training. In seconds you can publish news, documents, photos, and even videos online.

WebGuide provides division wide integration and allows you to define division specific access roles, and you can make changes to your website anytime and from anywhere!

Tanya Orr, Director of Communications
"I am extremely proud personally of our website. Anyone thinking about partnering with Box Clever should know that they are very professional and highly responsive. Box Clever has been very helpful giving suggestions and offering support. They are always available when we need them."
— Tanya Orr, Director of Communications Elk Island Public Schools


Your division is unique. You have a unique mission, unique goals, and unique students. Your website design should reflect that.

We can advise you with best practices that fit your individual needs to showcase your division's brand throughout your website by considering both the visual aspect, as well as, ease of navigation for your visitors. Parents, students, and the community will rely on your website as a primary information source. We design the site after learning more about you and your audience to ensure everyone can easily and intuitively find the information they need. 



Teachers and staff are given their own area of the website that they can use to post homework, blogs, class outlines, etc. In as little as two clicks teachers can add a new page that is automatically updated on the website. Teachers can add as many pages, photos, and documents as they want, the sky's the limit! Each teacher also has their own blog where they can share their thoughts and class activities.

Staff will love eTeacher and how it improves communication with students and their families.

Photo Galleries

Showcase your district or school spirit like never before! Photo galleries can be quickly created and photos can be uploaded to your website in a matter of minutes. With automatic resizing, photo sharing has never been so simple!


Blogs provide an alternative medium to express ideas, deliver news, recruit, and provide PR opportunities. Administration, teachers, and coaches can add a blog to the website to increase communication, get feedback, and share ideas.

Event Calendars

Calendars added to your site can be easily updated to reflect the newest events in your district or school. Parents, guardians, students, and staff can subscribe to these event calendars using iCal feeds, or add just one event at a time to their personal calendars.

Human Resources

WebGuide features a comprehensive Human Resources module that can be easily integrated within your new website. You can use this tool to post jobs, accept online applications, and keep potential applicants aware of new job postings by sending email notices.

Emergency Notices

When important events or emergencies occur, such as school closures, Amber Alerts, etc. school website traffic typically increases 300-400%. We have created a system which empowers a single user at the district office to post information once, and broadcast it to the front page of all school websites within seconds - saving time and trouble. Notices and alerts can also be pushed to specific schools for geographically dispersed divisions.


Built into WebGuide for Schools, the Bus Status Website makes it easy for divisions to manage late and cancelled bus notifications.

Use your division and school websites to keep parents, guardians, students and staff up-to-date about bus delays or cancellations. A feature that parents rely on and administrators love!

For more information on Bus Status, click here